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Total Look Photoshootings by Luiza Lacava.
Globe SS’14 Total look. No Bad Days by Camila Falquez. Model Alexandru Costin.
Fall Survival Kits by Andree Martis and Demian Dupuis.
Monotema by Alejandro Cinque. Photo: Lauren Field.
PURE by Gemma O’Brien
Monotema. Flower Woman by Eunice Adorno.
Asis Percales. Inked Heart by Manuela Alcatraz.
J. Grant Brittain.
This is how all started by Ane Pujol.
Bastien Duverdier.
Overflowing Glass by Luiza Lacava.
Blond Blues. Photograpy: Cecilia Alvarez – Hevia Arias. Models: Itziar Orbegozo, Alice Davis y Susann Moore.
Cicero de Guzman Jr. Riding The dream by Xavi Ocaña.
Cheryl Dunn. Street Purity by Barbara Esteban Romero.
Victor Castillo. La no-inocencia de la inocencia by Lara Tuner.
Maurice Rebeix. Pura Vida by Lorena Pedre.
Kim Francis. Close The Eyes to See by Bea Salas.
Kris Ville. Easy Man by Luiza Lacava.
Coté Escrivá. El subconsciente en forma de dibujos animados by Barbara Esteban.
Review. Bright Tradeshow. Winter 2014. Photos Luiza Lacava.
Review. Ray-Ban Envision Urban Art. Photos by Sophie Maud Andrieux.

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